Our History

In 1854, plans began for the formation of Leesville Methodist Church, as it was felt that the Methodist Church on West Main Street in Clinton was too far for those In this community to travel. Brush arbor services were started at the Leesville site and were held in good weather. The War Between the States began before a church was built, so plans were delayed.

In the summer of 1865, services at the Leesville site were resumed, and the church lot was purchased on February 3, 1866, with construction beginning soon thereafter. There were few ministers at this time, so services were held when visiting ministers passed this way. Class meetings, Sunday School, and prayer meetings were held on an irregular basis during the early years. As time passed, full-time ministers were employed, and programs and activities were added. In addition to Sunday School and morning worship service, the following are now all part of the overall program of this church: Epworth League for the youth, Woman's Missionary Society, Men's Cartwright Fellowship, adult and youth vocal and hand bell choirs, monthly family-night suppers, and special events throughout the year.

In 1939, Leesville chose not to enter the Methodist union.

The Church united with other churches of similar beliefs in organizing the Southern Methodist Church. The Southern Methodist denomination is dedicated to the preservation of the doctrines and teachings of traditional Methodism and is a conservative, fundamental group which emphasizes Biblical authenticity.

The original Leesville church building, having been remodeled in 1897, 1937, 1956, and 1996, is still in use. The cemetery across the road was started in 1868. A parsonage was built on the church property in 1974, and a fellowship hall was added in 1985. The latest renovations and enhancements of Leesville Southern Methodist Church were dedicated to the Lord on November 24, 1996